Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Business with the Marketing Plan Essentials Book & DVD Package for just £350+vat


One of the main things many SMEs have in common is that they recognise the importance of having a Marketing Plan, but very few of them have actually got one! 

How To Develop a Marketing Plan-The Video is a proven system to help managers of small and medium-sized businesses to develop an effective marketing plan from scratch-even if you have not done any marketing before. 

A Marketing Plan is a powerful , formal written document which outlines the future direction of the business, who will be targeted, how it will be achieved and crucially includes a practical Action Plan to make sure that it happens! 

  Given that this is so important, How To Develop a Marketing Plan-The Video has been written to enable you to follow the proven 7 Stages of Developing your own Marketing Plan to drive your business forward.

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